Expand Your Reach in Dubai.

Expand Your Reach in Dubai.

Drive your international business development with our remote representation services.

Drive your international business development with our remote representation services.

Company Representation Service in Dubai

We Represent Foreign Companies In Dubai

Penguin Connect Dubai offers remote company representation services in Dubai to foreign companies. You can trade with Dubai without having to commit a physical presence in the country. As your representatives, we conduct thorough market research, develop Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies, identify and appoint partners in the channel that sell your products in Dubai, UAE

We Offer Following Services

Corporate Representation

Drive your international business development with our remote representation services

Exhibitions & Trade Fairs

Let’s handle your participation of trade fairs in Dubai with end to end exhibition management services

Market Research

Build your market entry strategy for Dubai with researched & credible market intelligence

Our Corporate Representation Services can be pivotal to your growth

Dubai is growing at a phenomenal pace and so are the businesses located in it. It provides opportunities of growth to all big and small businesses from around the world. Dubai can also play major part in your company’s growth strategy too. Dubai allows you to transact not only inside UAE but regionally too. It’s no wonder then that major corporations from around the world have made Dubai their regional headquarters. You can ensure your regional presence through our company representation services in Dubai. What are you waiting for?

Penguin Connect is Your Anchor in Dubai

Penguin Connect Dubai will be your partners in success as we shall represent you locally and regionally. Our company representation services in Dubai allow you to transact with the local traders without investing in your presence in Dubai. It saves costs as you have your presence in Dubai but do not invest in either physical infrastructure or the human resources. While we do all the spade work, you enjoy the end results. It’s a win-win!

Benefits of Company Representation in Dubai

  • Market Access: Penguin Connect empowers you to access not only Dubai and UAE but a large market of potential customers from other regional markets too.
  • Local Knowledge: With decades of local knowledge and experience, Penguin Connect provides valuable insight to foreign companies into the local market. You can walk into the unknown guided by the confident partners
  • Cost Savings: Establishing a physical presence in Dubai can be expensive and time-consuming. Our Dubai company representation services provide a cost-effective alternative. It allows you to tap into the market without incurring the costs of setting up a local office and investing in human resources
  • Supply Chain Management: Working with Penguin Connect will ensure a better logistics and supply chain management. We have knowledge of local regulations, customs, and the best routes for shipping and receiving goods.

Some of Our Clients

We are building a culture of trust with our clients.

“I know Abdul for last 23 years. As a former Export Manager at Lordos United Plastics Ltd, I had the pleasure of working with Abdul Ghafoor in his previous trading business. Abdul’s expertise helped us market IML packaging solutions in the Gulf market and sell almost 90% idle capacity in less than a year. At the same time, he was also one of our trusted supplier. His deep understanding of the market, ability to connect his solutions with customer needs, and innovative approach to solve problems make him a valuable asset in the industry. He has now the founded Penguin International to help foreign companies selling their products in the UAE. I also know Raju for over 2 decades now as he was the first person to adopt IML solution for yoghurt packaging in the Gulf. He worked as General Manager Marketing at Marmum Dairies at the time. His vision and strategies to gain market share were amazing. He led Marmum from a small player to a significant market shareholder during his time at Marmum Dairies. I am glad to see them joining hands. I highly recommend international companies to work with Penguin International for entry into UAE market. I am confident about their reliability and innovative approach to promote any business in the region.”

Michalis Chrysochos, Lordos United Plastics Ltd., Cyprus

“Abdul Ghafoor approached Steam Italy 11 years ago to supply our Steam Cleaning equipment for his newly founded Cleaning Business Mangrove Services LLC. He persuaded my predecessor (CEO) at the time to not only airship the machines but also to fly down to Dubai and train the crew. We decided to support him as he was starting a totally new concept in the Middle East and was so convincing that we jumped right on board. When I took over the position of CEO Steam Italy, our relationship went from strength to strength. Now that he has exited his steam cleaning business and founded Penguin International FZCO, we have decided that Penguin will represent Steam Italy in the UAE. I am positive both companies will benefit from the relationship.”

Stefano Fornoni, CEO Steam Italy

“We have entered into agreement with Penguin International FZCO for them to represent our company in the UAE. We know Mr. Abdul Ghafoor for almost 25 years. He has been our consultant and a trusted advisor for many years before we consolidated our manufacturing in Pakistan and relocated our head office close to our manufacturing. We have benefitted from his expert advice in reorganizing our corporate structure and streamlining our operations. He has helped us immensely with helping us putting in place our GTM strategy. We are confident that Penguin and Myga will both benefit from this relationship. I highly recommend Penguin International FZCO to any International company looking to enter UAE market.”

M. Ayub Quraishi, CEO Myga Safety Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Meet Our Team


Managing Director

Abdul Ghafoor is the Managing Director of Penguin International FZCO. He has an MBA and a successful career in banking, rising to Vice President in 8 years. With 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in Dubai, including trading, brokerage, consultancy, launching new products and founding businesses, Abdul brings a unique blend of professional discipline and startup ingenuity to the team. He is a visionary leader with a compassionate approach, making him well-equipped to lead Penguin International FZCO.


Driector Marketing & Channel Development

Mr. S R K Raju brings over 35 years of experience in the FMCG industry with a strong background in developing and growing businesses in the UAE market. He has a proven track record of success having worked with leading brands such as Cadbury, Pepsi, Ferrero Rocher, McVitie’s, Emborg, Pinar, India Gate, Marmum and Sadia Chicken etc. He’s been instrumental in increasing reach, volume, revenue, and profitability of these brands. With his extensive market knowledge and experience, Mr. Raju is poised to make a significant impact at Penguin International FZCO Dubai. He is well-positioned to help new entrant companies and brands achieve success in the competitive UAE market.