At Penguin International FZCO

We facilitate trade between foreign manufacturers and local trading companies in the UAE. We represent those foreign companies who wish to market their products and services in the UAE without establishing a physical presence.

Represented by us, our clients are present in the UAE without having to incur any incorporation costs and investment in the physical infrastructure etc. We create Win-Win propositions.


Our Mission is to facilitate trade and foster growth through smart partnerships. We are the match makers between manufacturers outside UAE and local traders inside the UAE Honesty, Integrity, Ingenuity, Innovation, Efficiency and Win-Win Partnerships will be our guiding principles and values.


Penguin International FZCO is a newly established corporate identity licensed to carry out companies representation and management consultancy.

The corporate entity may be new, but the sponsors of the company have been in the business of products and service marketing in the UAE and MENA region for the last 25 years. During this period he has interacted with thousands of foreign companies that come to exhibit and showcase their products and services in the numerous trade fairs that take place in Dubai year around. He realized that majority of the exhibitors are poorly prepared, do a poor job of visitor handling, are unable to secure orders and go back empty handed. He understood that the gaps and the reasons for failure are due to;

    1. Lack of proper planning prior to the trade fair
    2. Lack of proper support infrastructure to handle visitors and their inquiries during the trade fair
    3. Poor follow up after the trade fair

Focusing on these gaps and identifying many other pain points of the exhibitors, we have designed a package called Exhibition Management Services aimed at ensuring a successful participation with tangible results.

Meet Our Team


Managing Director

Abdul Ghafoor is the Managing Director of Penguin International FZCO. He has an MBA and a successful career in banking, rising to Vice President in 8 years. With 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in Dubai, including trading, brokerage, consultancy, launching new products and founding businesses, Abdul brings a unique blend of professional discipline and startup ingenuity to the team. He is a visionary leader with a compassionate approach, making him well-equipped to lead Penguin International FZCO.


Driector Marketing & Channel Development

Mr. S R K Raju brings over 35 years of experience in the FMCG industry with a strong background in developing and growing businesses in the UAE market. He has a proven track record of success having worked with leading brands such as Cadbury, Pepsi, Ferrero Rocher, McVitie’s, Emborg, Pinar, India Gate, Marmum and Sadia Chicken etc. He’s been instrumental in increasing reach, volume, revenue, and profitability of these brands. With his extensive market knowledge and experience, Mr. Raju is poised to make a significant impact at Penguin International FZCO Dubai. He is well-positioned to help new entrant companies and brands achieve success in the competitive UAE market.