International Company Representative consultant offices in UAE provide a number of advantages and benefits for foreign companies and local companies:

  • The objectivity of costs and expenses involved in registering the branch of the company is one of the most prominent advantages
  • In any UAE city, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah or its representative office, where the investor may register a branch or representative office.

Foreign investors and owners of foreign companies are offered a number of advantages by the government of the United Arab Emirates, including:

  • There is an advanced transportation network connecting the cities of the Emirates
  • Foreigners can be hired and employed without restrictions
  • Foreign workers and employees are not restricted from receiving salaries and wages
  • Funds can be transferred from and to the company account without restriction
  • Employees outside the UAE are free to transfer their wages and salaries home
  • Salaries and wages are not taxed
  • Export taxes are not applicable
  • Imports are not subject to customs
  • Owners own 100% of the company
  • The company can be sold at any time
  • Freehold real estate ownership by the company
  • Employees and workers can easily find housing
  • Owning a car, equipment, or means of transportation is easy
  • Work permits are easy to obtain for employees and workers
  • Workers or employees can easily obtain a residence permit or permission
  • Families of employees can easily obtain residence permits
  • School and university enrollment is easy for children of workers
  • Providing medical services from international and local service providers Providing health insurance services from international and local service providers

Registration of a Representative Office in UAE

If you are seeking investment opportunities with a company representative office  in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or registering a representative office or branch of a foreign company. A feasibility study is included in their assistance to the investor. Choose Penguin International FZCO for a representative office of the company, or a representative office of the bank, and consultants take care of the task from the beginning until the company becomes commercially registered and licensed.