The UAE facilitates investing in it, making the procedures for opening a company in Dubai or Sharjah or any region in the UAE simple and straightforward. To open a company in Dubai or Sharjah or any region in the UAE, these steps must be followed:

Defining your activity is the first step to investing in Dubai, and it is also important that you choose an activity that is appropriate to the location and that it also meets the needs of the population consuming the product at the location you have chosen and that your activity matches those needs.

Commercial Register 

It is the second plan where you can specify the name of the company that you are setting up and you start to proceed with it accordingly, as you must fulfill all requirements of the Department of Economic Development to be able to obtain approval to register your company.

Approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs is the first step, followed by approval from the other bodies concerned.

Identifying the company’s location 

Foreigners must establish a company in Dubai in order to have a fixed location and legal headquarters in Dubai in particular or in the Emirates in general, as a lease contract must be obtained from the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Approval by the company’s concerned authorities: such as the transport agency and insurance agency, as well as legal advice.

Steps to obtain the instant license Dubai: In order to obtain the license, you must follow these steps:

The Dubai Free Zone charges a fee for commercial licenses

The company’s attachments, documents, and everything related to it must be collected and delivered to the concerned Department.

What is a company Branch for Representation?

In order to support their commercial activities in different markets, companies begin with a head office in one of the cities and then expand geographically into other cities or countries. When a company expands, it opens branches in other countries, such as Dubai. 


Branches of a company are considered commercial entities that represent it in other geographical areas and carry out the commercial activities only the company can engage in, and a manager is assigned for each branch to receive the company’s management’s duties and begin working within the branch. Management officials in the parent company receive follow-up reports and daily transactions from the branch managers. . 

Is Dubai the right place for your company to open a branch?

In the UAE, the economy supports a wide range of commercial activities, attracting investors from around the world. It is possible to establish a company in the UAE or open a branch branch of a company, and opening a branch of a company in Dubai offers many advantages, including: 

  • It is not considered a separate legal entity since it is an extension of the parent company, so branches of companies enjoy 100% ownership without the need for a national partner. 
  • Your company’s headquarters can be located wherever you want, whether it’s in a free zone or on the mainland, but the office must meet the company’s requirements. 
  • With a branch in the mainland, you can access the local market without dealing with local agents or distributors, which ensures a higher profit margin. 
  • A company that opens a branch in Dubai will not be charged additional taxes in its other country as a result of the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement. 
  • As part of the legal follow-up, all daily financial transactions between the new branch and the parent company are reviewed, through which regular periodic review reports are obtained. 

There are also lower administrative expenses, as well as a lower cost of establishing a new company in comparison to forming a new one. 

How can a company open a branch outside the UAE?

The Commercial Companies Law in the UAE permits any company in any country to open a branch or representative office in the UAE to carry out its commercial activities there.

Can a representative office be opened in the UAE?

Businessmen can take advantage of the various investment advantages offered by the UAE by opening representative offices to facilitate administration and follow-up of their activities.